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    Let’s Talk About Coughs!
    A cough is one of the most common reasons for children to go to the doctor.  It is a symptom that often accompanies viral respiratory illnesses in children. Coughing can occur for many different reasons and may sound or feel different depending on the type of cough. The two main types of cough are a...
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    Sore Throat/Dolor de garganta
    What is it? Pain and inflammation of the throat and surrounding areas. The most common cause in children are viral infections such as Adenovirus, Coxsackie A virus and Mononucleosis.  However, there are other causes such as Strep throat, Cough, Allergies or Gastroesophageal reflux disease. What are the symptoms? It depends on the cause of the...
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    Common Cold/Resfriado Común
    What is it? A common cold, known as a Upper Respiratory Tract infection, is an illness caused by a number of different viruses such as rhinovirus, metapneumovirus or rhino/enterovirus. What are the symptoms? Your child may have fever, runny or stuffy nose, mild sore throat, watery eyes, headache, and and wet cough. These symptoms may...
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    Flu Season Update
    All across the state pediatricians are asking themselves, what is happening?! This year’s respiratory season (or “flu season”) is off to a rocky start! With much higher numbers than predicted, primary care offices, urgent care clinics, and hospitals are seeing a very abnormal pattern to this year’s season. What is normal? Typically, flu season starts...
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    Antibiotics: Good or Bad?
    Antibiotics – they are good right? They help cure infections. Well yes…and no. Antibiotics, prescribed appropriately, are a great tool to help your child overcome bacterial infections. However, in recent years, it has been shown that antibiotics are being prescribed when they are not called for. When antibiotics are not needed, they do NOT help...
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    I Think My Child Has The Flu
    Fever, cough, body aches… All the tell-tale signs your child has the flu. They got their flu shot, they wash their hands, but STILL, the flu got ‘em. But is there a way to know for sure? The rapid influenza diagnostic test is a relatively new procedure, rising in popularity in the last decade after...
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    When Can My Child Go Back To School?
    It is always a tough call for us parents! Your child has been diagnosed with the flu, impetigo, strep, or some other contagious illness. The big question is: when can they go back?We don’t want our kiddos missing too much school, but we don’t want them to infect other children, or just be miserable all...
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    How to Know if it’s “Just a Cold”
    Short answer: You don’t know! Allergies, colds, flu…it can be hard to tell these different conditions apart. A cold, also known as a URI (upper respiratory infection), is one of the most common childhood illnesses. The main symptoms that accompany a cold are a runny nose, a cough and fever. It is important to remember...
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    Does Your Child Need to be Tested for RSV?
    RSV, short for Respiratory Syncytial Virus, is one of the cold viruses seen every year with a season extending from about October through March. Children may have fever accompanied with runny nose, nasal congestion, and cough. Wheezing often develops with RSV, however; it is more common in children less than two years of age. There...
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    Flu Season: How to Protect Yourself and Your Kids
    Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care has two influenza vaccine options for the 2015-2016 Flu Season The Vaccine (for ages 6 months old and up) The Mist (for ages 2-49 years old ) Note: For children under age 8 who have never previously been vaccinated for the flu, two rounds are recommended…one month apart. Here are some...
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