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    Pediatrician examining child's pink eye
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    What exactly is pink eye?
    Most people have heard of the term “pink eye”. This is when your child’s eye becomes inflamed and red. Conjunctivitis “Pink eye” is a common problem we face as caregivers.  What exactly is pink eye and one of the most frequent reasons that children are sent home from school and daycare? So what is “pink eye”...
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    Pink Eye/Conjuntivitis 
    What is it? Irritation/Inflammation of the eye that may be caused by viruses, bacteria, allergies or chemical exposure.  The most common cause of conjunctivitis in children is viral. What are the symptoms? Your child may have redness of the white part of the eye (sclera), mild swelling to the eyelids, itching and/or drainage of the...
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    When Can My Child Go Back To School?
    It is always a tough call for us parents! Your child has been diagnosed with the flu, impetigo, strep, or some other contagious illness. The big question is: when can they go back?We don’t want our kiddos missing too much school, but we don’t want them to infect other children, or just be miserable all...
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    Back to School – Pink Eye in Children
    Kids are back in school! As parents we know what that means- contagious illnesses are ready and waiting.Pink Eye We all know about “pink eye.” It’s when your child’s eye becomes inflamed and red and you are pretty sure if you tried to take them to school, they would be sent right back home! Pink...
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