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    • Impetigo
    Common Skin Rashes During Sports
    The most common rashes we see in children playing sports are heat rash, contact dermatitis, Athlete’s foot, impetigo and eczema. Let’s talk about each of these and what we can do to prevent and treat them! Heat rash: Caused by excessive sweating, which can clog sweat glands, resulting in a rash that appears as small...
  • Common Back To School Illnesses - Premier Pediatric Urgent Care Provider in Texas - Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care Read Article
    Childre walking towards school
    • Child Safety
    Common Back To School Illnesses
    It’s back to school time! Here is an overview of some common illnesses that quickly spread this time of year: Hand Foot and Mouth HFM is a common viral illness for children. It is most common in kiddos under seven years of age. Common Symptoms: The most common symptoms of HFM disease are fever, mouth/throat...
    • Allergies/Hives
    What To Know About Newborn Rashes
    Newborns tend to have very sensitive skin after birth and may develop skin irritations and/or rashes within the first few weeks of life.  Here are some common rashes you might experience with your newborn: The most common infant rash is diaper rash.  The diaper area is a moist environment and this is  the main cause of diaper rash.  Frequent diaper changes help prevent...
    • Illness
    The Dreaded Colic
    The cry of a newborn can be one of the most distressing things to parents. Infants typically cry more during the first 3 months of life than in any other time. In some cases, we can define these crying episodes as infantile colic. Colic follows the “rules of 3”. It is defined clinically as crying...
    • Colds
    When Can My Child Go Back To School?
    It is always a tough call for us parents! Your child has been diagnosed with the flu, impetigo, strep, or some other contagious illness. The big question is: when can they go back?We don’t want our kiddos missing too much school, but we don’t want them to infect other children, or just be miserable all...
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