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    • Coronavirus
    Know the Difference: Allergies? Cold? Flu? COVID-19? 
    As the United States gets closer and closer each day to half a million people affected by COVID-19, it has become a reality that we may know someone who has been affected, tested for, or been around someone with the virus.  As we all know, in a matter of months, it has changed the way...
    • Ear Infections
    What is Antibiotic Stewardship?
    You might have heard of the “Superbug Crisis”. If not, here is a brief explanation: Antibiotics are prescribed to fight bacteria (not viruses!) and the use of them has increased exponentially since the emergence of penicillin in the 1940s. Now antibiotics are prescribed left and right, a lot of the times for illnesses that do...
    • Colds
    Antibiotics: Good or Bad?
    Antibiotics – they are good right? They help cure infections. Well yes…and no. Antibiotics, prescribed appropriately, are a great tool to help your child overcome bacterial infections. However, in recent years, it has been shown that antibiotics are being prescribed when they are not called for. When antibiotics are not needed, they do NOT help...
    • News
    The flu season has arrived!
    The flu season has arrived! This year the Center for Disease Control did not recommend the FluMist because they found that it did not protect children against the influenza (flu) infection. Because of this, the only recommended vaccines available are by injection. It appears that the current vaccine will be effective against the different flu...
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