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Things to Know this Flu Season

  • October 12, 2018
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It is the beginning of influenza (“flu”) season!

Here are some things to be aware of as we enter this year’s flu season:

  • The flu mist, or nasal spray vaccine, is again approved by the Center for Disease Control. However – the American Academy of Pediatrics still strongly recommends children (six months and older) receive the flu shot instead. This is because the shot has been more effective than the nasal spray in recent years.
  • If your child is eight years old or younger and it is their first time to receive the flu vaccine, they should receive two vaccines, four weeks apart.
  • If your child is nine years old or older and it is there first time to receive the flu vaccine, they will only need one dose.
  • If you decide to have your child receive the flu mist, they must be two years old or older.
  • If your child has an egg allergy, it is safe for them to receive either the shot or the mist.
  • It is recommended that all children receive their flu shot before the end of October.

Your child’s pediatrician should have flu vaccines available, but if not, Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care offers the vaccine at $35 to both children and parents. Please call for availability.

Your child might have the flu if they exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Runny nose
  • Body Aches

If you think your child has the flu, take them to their pediatrician. If they are not available, Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care is open seven days a week and sees children on a walk-in basis. With locations in San Antonio, and two in New Braunfels, Little Spurs sees children up to the age of 21.

Source: Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care
Article By: Alicia Tezel, MD, FAAP

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