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Allergies/Hives - Premier Pediatric Urgent Care Provider in Texas - Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care

At Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care we are happy to evaluate your child for their allergies. Typically hives are allergy-related and we can help with these issues as well. While we can prescribe allergy medications or creams, we highly recommend that your child be seen by their primary care provider for persistent allergy issues.

Go to the doctor immediately if:

  • Breathing or swallowing becomes difficult.
  • Your child starts acting very sick.

Go to the doctor when you are able if:

  • Most of the itch is not relieved after your child has been taking an antihistamine for 24 hours.
  • The hives last more than one week.
  • You have other concerns or questions.
About Allergies/Hives

No, we do not perform allergy testing.

Hives are a very itchy rash usually caused by an allergic reaction. Hives look like raised pink spots with pale centers on the skin. The spots range from 1/2 inch to several inches wide (hives often look like mosquito bites). The spots may be different shapes. The spots rapidly and repeatedly change in location, size, and shape. Giant hives are called angioedema.

If you know your child has an allergy, you can try to prevent a problem with the following measures:

    1. Keeping windows closed during the pollen season, especially on a windy days when dust and pollen blow around and in the morning when some pollen counts are highest
    2. Keeping the house clean and dry to reduce mold and dust mites
    3. Keeping the household free of pets and indoor plants
    4. Avoiding foods or other substances known to cause allergic reactions in your child
    5. Preventing anyone from smoking anywhere your child, especially in your home and car

The symptoms of an allergy include:

      1. An itchy runny nose, with thin, clear nasal discharge and/or stuffy nose
      2. Itchy watery eyes
      3. Repeated attacks of sneezing and itching of the nose, eyes, or skin that last for weeks or months
      4. No fever
      5. Often seasonal (spring, summer, fall before frost)

Cold symptoms include:

      1. Stuffy nose
      2. Nasal discharge that is usually clear initially but can turn colored and thick
      3. A duration of 3 to 10 days, with or without fever
      4. Occasional sneezing
      5. Absence of itching

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