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    Children and Minor Burns
    One of the most common injuries we see in the urgent care setting is burns. Kids are curious and often try to get their hands on many items they should not! Here are a few things you can do to prevent burns inside the home: 1. Stove. Get in the habit of cooking using the...
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    Kitchen Safety
    Gobble, Gobble!!! Turkey Day is just around the corner.  With the holidays approaching we will be spending more time in the kitchen.  Kitchen safety is an important aspect of keeping children safe during the holidays.  Here are a few tips we can teach our kids to keep them safe during this busy holiday season. “No Hokey...
    • Burns
    Firework Safety and Children
    Next month, Americans across the country will once again participate in the tradition of celebrating Independence Day with fireworks.  However, each year roughly 10,000 people, mostly children and teens, are injured from consumer fireworks.  These accidents vary from minor to serious burns and injuries! On top of that, children 5 to 14 years of age are among the highest at risk.  If you plan to participate in the tradition of lighting...
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