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Hazards in the Home

  • September 5, 2015
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Its Baby Safety Month!

Here are some tips to child proof your home:

Tip #1. Look out for loose cords! This can be window cords, electrical cords, and loose strings around your home in general! These can be dangerous for your baby or toddler!

Tip #2: Watch out for sharp corners around the home. This includes faucets, corners, doors, anything that your baby can jam their finger in or hit their head on.

Tip #3: We want to remind everyone to secure unstable furniture such as televisions and bookshelves! Secure your furniture as your child learns to crawl and walk!

Tip #4: We are entering the danger zone. The kitchen (while delicious) has so many hazards that we suggest this article by Parent Guide that has many helpful tips for child-proofing your kitchen!







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