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    Common Back To School Illnesses
    It’s back to school time! Here is an overview of some common illnesses that quickly spread this time of year: Hand Foot and Mouth HFM is a common viral illness for children. It is most common in kiddos under seven years of age. Common Symptoms: The most common symptoms of HFM disease are fever, mouth/throat...
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    HFM Disease
    School is back in session and there are many pesky viruses rearing their ugly heads! Hand, Foot, and Mouth (HFM) disease is a common childhood viral illness. It is most common in infants and children under seven years of age; however, it can occur at any age. HFM disease is most prevalent in summer and early fall. It is spread through stool and respiratory...
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    Flu Season Update
    All across the state pediatricians are asking themselves, what is happening?! This year’s respiratory season (or “flu season”) is off to a rocky start! With much higher numbers than predicted, primary care offices, urgent care clinics, and hospitals are seeing a very abnormal pattern to this year’s season. What is normal? Typically, flu season starts...
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    Back to School: Preventing Head Lice
    There are a few habits you can teach your child that will help prevent lice: Encourage them not to borrow their classmates’ hats, scarves, combs, or anything that touches the head. For athletes: do not share helmets or towels. Keep their jackets and winter gear separate from other students (a different coat hook, or in...
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    Things to Know this Flu Season
    It is the beginning of influenza (“flu”) season! Here are some things to be aware of as we enter this year’s flu season: The flu mist, or nasal spray vaccine, is again approved by the Center for Disease Control. However – the American Academy of Pediatrics still strongly recommends children (six months and older) receive...
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    What is Croup anyway?
    As the colder air blows in for the fall and winter months, so do the coughs, sniffles, and sneezes. Croup is most common in these months and may cause a variable amount of respiratory distress to your child, with most of its symptoms worsening through the night or within a brief period. What is Croup?...
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    Back to School – Head Lice
    Lice are a common back to school illness that can affect children and their families. Very contagious, lice will attach to anyone’s hair whether it be clean or dirty.While it is a nuisance, head lice are not dangerous and can typically be treated at home. If you suspect your child has head lice, go to...
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    Back to School Illnesses – Hand, Foot, and Mouth
    School is back in session! And with children packed together at school, contagious diseases are ready and waiting. Hand foot and mouth disease (HFM) is a common childhood virus that is typically seen during the school year, particularly in pre-kindergarten aged children.The disease can cause a fever, sore throat, runny nose, painful mouth blisters, and...
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