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    Wondering What to Do for Respiratory Illnesses? 
    We know that as parents, you never want your children to get sick. When they do, it is important to know how to evaluate your child’s respiratory symptoms and when to take them to be seen by a medical provider. While regular colds and seasonal allergies are not typically a cause for alarm, some respiratory...
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    Covid VS Flu VS RSV
    The holiday season brings joy and fun, but it can also be accompanied by seasonal illnesses. We understand some symptoms can be similar when dealing with COVID-19, Flu, and RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). One of the most common questions we hear is “How can you tell the difference?” We’ve created the above guide to help...
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    Know the Difference: Allergies? Cold? Flu? COVID-19? 
    As the United States gets closer and closer each day to half a million people affected by COVID-19, it has become a reality that we may know someone who has been affected, tested for, or been around someone with the virus.  As we all know, in a matter of months, it has changed the way...
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    Flu Season Update
    All across the state pediatricians are asking themselves, what is happening?! This year’s respiratory season (or “flu season”) is off to a rocky start! With much higher numbers than predicted, primary care offices, urgent care clinics, and hospitals are seeing a very abnormal pattern to this year’s season. What is normal? Typically, flu season starts...
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    I Think My Child Has The Flu
    Fever, cough, body aches… All the tell-tale signs your child has the flu. They got their flu shot, they wash their hands, but STILL, the flu got ‘em. But is there a way to know for sure? The rapid influenza diagnostic test is a relatively new procedure, rising in popularity in the last decade after...
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    Symptoms of the Flu | Pediatric Urgent Care
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    2019-2020 Flu Season Recommendations
    It is the beginning of influenza (“flu”) season! Here are some things to be aware of as we enter this year’s flu season: The flu mist, or nasal spray vaccine, is approved this year by the Center for Disease Control and by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). This is a change from the 2018-2019...
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    How to Know if it’s “Just a Cold”
    Short answer: You don’t know! Allergies, colds, flu…it can be hard to tell these different conditions apart. A cold, also known as a URI (upper respiratory infection), is one of the most common childhood illnesses. The main symptoms that accompany a cold are a runny nose, a cough and fever. It is important to remember...
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    Help! My Child Has The Flu!
    Your child has flu symptoms of fever, nasal congestion, cough, and body aches!  They feel miserable, tired, and are cranky. What can you, as a parent, do to help them feel better? If your child has tested positive within 48 hours after flu symptoms have begun, they may be eligible to take Tamiflu. The American...
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    Things to Know this Flu Season
    It is the beginning of influenza (“flu”) season! Here are some things to be aware of as we enter this year’s flu season: The flu mist, or nasal spray vaccine, is again approved by the Center for Disease Control. However – the American Academy of Pediatrics still strongly recommends children (six months and older) receive...
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    Flu season has arrived!
    The flu season has arrived! Flu symptoms include: Fever from 102 or higher Coughing Congestion Upset stomach Muscle aches Complications from the flu include febrile seizures in young children and pneumonia. There are medications if prescribed within the first 48 hours of symptoms that may shorten the course of the illness. After 48 hours, the...
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    The flu season has arrived!
    The flu season has arrived! This year the Center for Disease Control did not recommend the FluMist because they found that it did not protect children against the influenza (flu) infection. Because of this, the only recommended vaccines available are by injection. It appears that the current vaccine will be effective against the different flu...
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    Flu Season: How to Protect Yourself and Your Kids
    Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care has two influenza vaccine options for the 2015-2016 Flu Season The Vaccine (for ages 6 months old and up) The Mist (for ages 2-49 years old ) Note: For children under age 8 who have never previously been vaccinated for the flu, two rounds are recommended…one month apart. Here are some...
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